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How many cigarettes do you usually smoke each day?

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Lastly, how many cigarettes are in your usual pack?

Every year you’re currently smoking {{numberFormat(cigPerDay*365)}} cigarettes and taking {{parseInt((cigPerDay*365*11)/1440)}} days off your life*.

*Studies show each cigarette takes 11 minutes off your life.
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    each QWIT.TIP® is equal to approximately 25 cigarettes

  • Free medical prescription

    a legal requirement in Australia, valid for 12 months. Usually $99.95

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    shipped directly to your door every month. Usually $15.00

The legal option for Australians.

Purchasing, using, or even just possessing a nicotine e-cigarette in Australia without a valid medical prescription can result in heavy fines, and even jail time.

We provide you with a medical prescription from one of our Australian medical practitioners so you can start your journey with complete peace of mind.

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